Choosing Fighting Cock Muscle Exercises

Choosing Fighting Cock Muscle Exercises

Choosing Fighting Cock Muscle Exercises – Maybe you’ve read a similar or similar article, but this article is different because we have taken it from reliable sources, here is the selection of the right exercises for fighting cock muscles.

When you already have a Bangkok chicken that is less than 5 to 8 months old, we personally advise you to follow some pretty useful tips. Because from the fighting cocks that are 5 to 8 months old, the muscles of the fighting cocks are. It can still be shaped and trained very well so that by the time the fighting cocks will be competed.

Forming Muscle in Fighting Chickens from Early on

Then the fighting cock must have a muscle that is strong enough so that it can deliver a very strong blow to its opponent. As for the several ways that can be used in forming a young fighting cock muscle that is owned by you. Here are some ways you can train fighting cock muscles so they can grow stronger.

Some Ways To Train Bangkok Chicken Muscles

1. Giving Fighting Chickens Around in the Cage

Exercises in this way are very effective in increasing stamina in building muscle in your Bangkok fighting cocks. Then you can do an exercise such as running in the morning and evening, but it must be approximately 30 minutes. Then when you run in the morning after being bathed from your fighting cock, don’t forget to dry the fighting cock to the feathers of the fighting cock.

After it is dry, the fighting cocks can be put into the fighting cage once a week. Then you can do sparring with peer fighting cocks. In order to grow muscles that have been trained before. In the process of bathing the fighting cocks, you only need to do it in the morning, because when you bathe the chickens after late afternoon, you will not be able to dry your favorite fighting chickens.

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2. Adjusting the food from fighting chickens

If you have been taking care of the fighting cocks since you were young, then you can also feed the fighting chickens that they like. For example, such as white rice, brown rice, grain or corn. If you are able to find out from the favorite foods in your fighting cocks.

Then you can give your fighting cocks to eat according to their tastes or their favorite foods. Make sure if the portion of the meal on your fighting chicken is not too much or give it too little. Give some supplements to fighting cocks such as Vitamin B Complex and Vitamin C. In order for your fighting cocks to be strong and healthy, your fighting cocks can be strong and healthy.

3. Treating Snoring And Bubul In Fighting Chickens

Treatment that can be done by you for your favorite fighting cock. Those who are affected by snoring can be given drugs such as antibiotics and other types of drugs. What you can buy in a pharmacy is around your home environment. In treating the porridge on the leg of the fighting chicken, you can use a nail and then burn it at the end of the paki’s head.

Leave it on the nail until it burns then you stick the tip of the head of the nail that is still hot to the pulp that is on the leg of your fighting cock. You have to remember that these nails can only be used for fighting chicken feet. However, do not you stick the hot nail against the leg of the fighting chicken that does not have the pulp. Because it will be able to make the legs of the fighting cock hurt. You can do this treatment on this porridge 2 to 3 times by attaching the hot nail to the pulp of your fighting chicken leg.…