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Bad Habits When Playing Online Poker

Bad Habits When Playing Online Poker

Bad Habits When Playing Online Poker – Bad habits in playing poker gambling games are often the biggest factor in losing in playing poker gambling games.

Humans become the last creation of the Creator to protect the universe. Humans are also taught to love each other. But humans have to try hard to earn money because they have fallen into sin. As we know ourselves that we have to earn money to meet our needs. In general, people earn money by working with companies or opening private businesses. Profits are not always obtained, because in business, of course there are losses and that is a risk. Many people also work and feel that their income is still insufficient, because their expenses are greater than their income. Many people who experience this condition choose to borrow money.

If the community is in a state of necessity, they will borrow funds from their closest people and promise to return it if they have the money. However, today many people use smartphones and some capital to get a lot of money quickly. There have been many Indonesians from various provinces playing online poker gambling. This aims to get a side income and an amount that can be more than a month’s salary. Each community as a poker member has different ways of playing, capital and characteristics. Our hope is that the members can play well and win a lot. However, there are some bad habits that poker members should stop.

1. Already Deposit, Just Ask Bank Schedule

This first bad habit is about the issue of deposits, all members hope when they transfer funds. Then fill out the deposit form and wait not long and the funds have entered his account. But it is often delayed because of the member’s own fault, members often come to Live Chat to ask for the Offline bank schedule, When we have visited another bank, it turns out that the member has transferred funds while Offline. As a result, these funds must be postponed until the Online bank returns and as long as there is no interference from the bank. So please for members to confirm in advance if they want a deposit, we will not help process it even though the member begs.

2. Transfer Funds Using Other Accounts

This second bad habit is only for members who want to make deposits. We still often encounter that every week there are definitely poker members who deposit using another account. The reason is none other than that in his account there is no balance, the ATM machine is remote and thinks that deposits using someone else’s account are allowed as long as there is a unique code. Members need to know, on the fund deposit form there is a message “* We do not accept cash transfers and deposits from accounts on behalf of others.” If a member deposits using someone’s account it will interfere with the smooth running of the members themselves and we really hope for the cooperation of poker members.

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3. Asking to share the bonus beforehand

This next bad habit also comes from members who are less active in playing and members who experience defeat. The request of the two members who experience this often asks to be distributed bonuses and bonuses. They hope that there are free funds so they can play again even though the nominal can place 2 or 3 round bets. If you don’t actively play, you won’t be able to get a bonus. Then also we hope that the losing members don’t push themselves first. We will share the bonus such as the 0.5% Turn Over bonus, we will definitely share it no later than 14.00 WIB. We are here as customer service and also work in accordance with procedures or orders for smooth playing.

4. Taking Out The Defeat On Customer Service

The next bad habit for almost all poker members who have a hobby of complaining or complaining on Live Chat. Every day there are dozens of poker members who complain to customer service. Asking why you never win, never withdraw, get bad cards and so on. Even to the point of conveying slander or vows, customer service will quickly die and are reviled. We as customer service sometimes feel disappointed with members, because we convey information carefully and always hope our members win a lot. Customer service and members are also human beings who are looking for money to survive. So eliminate and learn from experience when you lose.…

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Guide to Playing Online Roulette For Beginners

Guide to Playing Online Roulette For Beginners

Guide to Playing Online Roulette For Beginners – Panuddan in playing the roulette gambling game is usually only needed by beginners in playing the roulette gambling game.

In this free time, we want to explain in detail the method of playing roulette online with real money so that many bettors can explore the method of playing roulette. Everyone knows that gambling is not legal and not according to the expectations of all gambling fans in Indonesia, but we have come now to bring real money to online roulette gambling so that many bettors can place bets again wherever and whenever you are around. A trusted roulette dealer is also added with a live streaming service, where you can watch and work on live fair bets. In the event of roulette, this game comes from France and means little wheel. With this, the dealer spins the roulette wheel and throws a small ball at the spinning wheel leading to turning until the ball stops in roulette numbers 1 through 36.

The excitement of playing roulette can be found if the ball stops at the number you are betting on with a different combination from the roulette table bet. Other roulette betting styles also sort out the number of wins that will be obtained, it is more difficult to estimate the roulette number so the more wins will be obtained from that number. There are only a few people who don’t know the game of roulette but don’t understand the method of playing it, that’s why we have come to give tips about the method of playing roulette for beginners.

The method of playing casino roulette

There is an important meaning to be explored regarding the method of playing online casino roulette:

  • Double is the option button to duplicate the bet bet increases from the beginning.
    Example: You place a 10,000 rupee bet on number 7 and you want to duplicate your bet of 20,000 rupees, so just double-press the button.
  • Undo is the selection button for completing the last bet on the roulette table.
    Example: Bet 10,000 rupees on numbers 7, 17 and 27 and you want to cancel the last bet on number 27 then you just press the undo button.
  • Re-Bet is an option button for placing a similar bet on the roulette table.
    Example: In the early game, you bet 10,000 rupees on 7, 17 and 27 and in the next game you want to bet 10,000 rupees on numbers 7, 17 and 27, so just press the bet button again.

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  • Verification is a button to verify that you agree to always bet on the game.
    Example: Place a 10,000 rupee bet on numbers 7, 17 and 27 and you want to play the game, all you have to do is press the verify button.
  • Delete is an option button to cancel all bets placed but do not press the stick button.
    Example L bet Rs 10,000 on numbers 7, 17 and 27 and want to cancel bets on these 3 numbers then you just need to squeeze Delete to cancel all bets that have been placed.
  • The roulette table consists of 3 lines filled with random numbers with different betting styles that can be played such as odd (odd), even (even) bets, black (black), red (red), single bets, split bets, street bets, street betting. Corner, Line (6), Column (12), Dozen (12 Square Number) bets.
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